McGill Senate discusses 2017-2022 Strategic Academic Plan

February 21, 2017


The McGill Senate met on Feb.15 for an open discussion on McGill’s Strategic Academic Plan for 2017 to 2022, a presentation of the Staffing Report for 2016, and to pass a motionformally recognizing the celebration of Black History Month by the university.

Open discussion on the McGill University Strategic Academic Plan 2017-2022

Vice-Principal and Provost (Academic) Christopher Manfredi presented McGill’s Strategic Academic Plan for the next five years. The Plan identifies five key objectives for McGill’s academics: Be open to the world, expand diversity, lead innovation, connect across disciplines and sectors, and connect to [the Montreal] community.

The plan includes reducing McGill’s carbon footprint, doubling the number of students enrolled in enriched learning opportunities, such as studies and internships abroad, increasing the number of female full-time professors by 25 per cent, and increasing student aid to 30 per cent of net tuition revenues from the current 10 per cent.

Associate Professor Ronald Gehr of the Faculty of Engineering raised concerns that expansion of enriched learning opportunities should not…

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