AUS to research free course pack material, plans to expand SNAX management

February 4, 2017


The Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) Legislative Council met on Jan. 25 to discuss ongoing and future projects within the Faculty of Arts, including upcoming AUS executive elections, the creation of an ad-hoc committee for the management of the SNAX stand, and negotiating with professors to dramatically reduce the price of course packs. The Council also passed three new motions and delivered a number of departmental reports.

Mandate to increase executive availability prior to general elections

During the meeting, Council members discussed the creation of a new mandate that will affect all students who wish to run for AUS executive positions. The mandate proposes that prospective AUS executives meet with the incumbents prior to pursuing candidacy to discuss their respective portfolio responsibilities. Kat Sviknushin, AUS Vice-President (VP) Social, presented the mandate to the Legislative Council.

“We [the current AUS executives] wanted to put together a pilot program to make better elections for the AUS,” Sviknushin said. “The goal of this conversation would be [to walk] through what the portfolio does [and to give] an opportunity to…

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